Thursday, September 13, 2012

So im up late...

Working, bored, curious, and excited. Curious part being I wonder how many of you actually look at this blog as I normally post almost no content except download links and releases. I mean if you do then I have to ask, "What kind of sane person checks out a blog with virtually nothing on it?". Clearly your not normal; which is actually great by the way. People who aren't normal are the ones that make things happen in this world. I mean imagine back in the day, your chillin' in your horse in buggy, blasting out your umm, well harmonica I guess for back in the day and you hear some dude like, "Fuck riding these damn horses! I am going to build a wagon that runs on dinosaur juice and everyone will use one oneday to travel across the country!" I am sure your "mammy" would have told you to keep away from that strange, weird man, your friends would laugh at him, and all of the grown men would tell him, "You should get a normal job" and "Stop being a damn weirdo" or "lint slinger" or whatever the term was for in the day. You know what that guy did? He didn't say "ok, your right, thats the practical thing to do".. NO. That man said "fuck you" and decided to go outside the box in his own way, and you know what? I got a dinosaur juice mobile parked right outside my window right now. Seriously I'm not joking with you, I will take a picture and prove it! So whenever you have an idea, or a feeling, or you want to do something and everyone is telling you that you are being a fucking weirdo or that will never work, or you should just go the safe route and do whatever everyone else is doing because its "normal", tell them to feel free to stay in their boring average day to day routine where their life is only just "comfortable" because you have big dreams to accomplish and huge shoes to fill. Do what you want to do, live the life you really want to live, not the one you think would be reasonable or just possible. Do the impossible! Because nothing is really impossible; people just set limits for themselves that are completely untrue of what they are really capable of! So....yea!

If I have only one thing left to say, its live your life like you only have one of them! (Hmmm....)

P.S. I am living my life, by not spell checking myself right now, so deal with it :P

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  1. Wow, reading this made me feel so much better, you have no idea. Thank you, dude. And thanks for the music, keep it up :) I love the vocal slicing.